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Sad, but oh well. For a quality product, some things have to be done to reach that end goal.

Don't worry, it won't be a case a Duke Nukem fever, kknots is steadily working on Releqium. However due to school, progress has been slowed. This hasn't stopped progress, though. The game is on its way to completion, it will just take a little bit longer than wished. I'm guessing Releqium will be on the portal before the end of the month. But don't hold me to that word.

Meanwhile, what am I doing? At the moment I'm pondering idea's for what I'm going to do next. Sadly, due to school, I don't think my next game will be programmed by kknots. I will have to talk to him about that when Releqium is finished. So I was thinking of starting a flash series, which I will work on simultaneously with whatever game I decide to work on next. I have two options for each, so I have some story boards to work on and game sprites to create either way.

On the flash side, I have a choice between a Zelda Animated series or an original project that I've been thinking about doing for a while. I was hoping to wait about a year before I start a series, because I'm currently in an Animation class as school and by that time I'd learn some new tricks. However I think that I will start it as soon as possible and include these new tricks in he newer episodes of whichever I go with. Probably the original project because I already have the story board for the first episode done.

Game wise, I have a choice between a fighting game or a strategy game. Those are just what I've been wanting to make. The fighting game would be online, which may cause some problems, however would be worth it when the finish product hits the portal. Think about it: an online fighting game exclusive to Newgrounds where you can fight people from around the world from your computer. I think it would be awesome, but who knows.

Anyway thats all for now. I will update again when I decide what I'm going to do or when Releqium is finally finished.

Millo, out!

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Releqium:Demon Pursue-Delayed

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